As a short person, I do not endorse this bill. I’ll change my mind if it requires clothing in my size to be moved to the men’s section and out of the boys’ department. I’ve never experienced height discrimination, but should this pass, I’m going to call every alt-weekly editor who refuses to run Big Fat Whale a heightist.

4 thoughts on “NAASP”

  1. Did you check out the fat advocate lady pictured in the article? I wonder if that walking stick is due to some orthopedic problem or if she’s using it like an extra limb to prop up her great heft.

  2. Your comment got me thinking that the hefty could greatly benefit from extra limbs. Maybe some horrendous spider-walker apparatus.

  3. That’s exactly what I was thinking of! I knew a few kids in junior high who were into those comics and must’ve seen him a couple of times.

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