The Gentrifying Blob

I’m not claiming that I’m not part of the problem. I thought up this cartoon while driving to the Arlington Trader Joe’s. The Cambridge one is just too much of a hassle to drive to. But in my defense, I can stretch $2 worth of Indian fare into three meals.

In related movie news, Jen has an excellent take on this summer’s blockbusters. I’d call them “shitbusters” if I were a retarded wordsmith. Contrary to most other people in the world, I kinda liked Spiderman 3. They should’ve eliminated Sandman and just focused on Eddie Brock/Venom and New Goblin. But if you didn’t like the kitschy “Bad Spidey” scenes, you don’t know Sam Raimi. Evil Dead is all about kitsch! Embrace it! YAWN! I just gave myself a nerd coma.

Graphically-inclined observers will notice this is the first time I’ve used gradients in a cartoon. Why the delay? I’m dumb. Being self-taught at this illustration jazz means I have very little incentive to learn and try new things. I had fun putting this together. I’ll try to include more stuff like this in between my more wordier and “thinkier” cartoons.

Congratulations to John Reeve, who won the BFW Theme Song Contest! His winning entry is below.

If there’s ever a BFW animated series, he’s got dibs on the theme song. For real!

Next Week: Christ, I have no idea. So now you know it’ll be half-assed!

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  1. It’s even more unfair than that! There are at least five within driving distance of my place. That’s in addition to all the Whole Foods and Wild Oats that dot the Boston landscape.

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