George Michael Gets Flippant

Everything Judd Apatow touches turns into hilarious magic. In this fake outtake from his new film Knocked Up, Michael Cera loses the gig that went to Seth Rogen.

In other funny videos from comedy supergeniuses news, check out Bob Odenkirk’s Derek & Simon. There are two versions of each video, one with beeps for old ladies with delicate sensibilities and the other for fans of the bawdy and lewd. And it involves a Freaks and Geeks alum too; Busy Philipps is in the most recent Derek & Simon clip.

And hey assholes! Jay Johnston has crap up on Super Deluxe too! Check it out.

UPDATE: Holy shitballs! I neglected to mention Michael Cera has his own hilarious web-o-show, Clark and Michael.