Extra: Regular Folks Edition

This entire comic exists solely for the center panel. I thought up the phrase “plush, imaginary asshole” and the rest wrote itself; poorly I might add. I don’t have an opinion on celebrity gossip and tabloids beyond “who gives a shit?” At least people who spend all of their time worrying about the personal lives of people on magazine covers probably don’t have enough time to pry into your own. Or maybe they do. Those morons ain’t got shit to do.

Next Week: Hey America! Look at Us! We’re Running for President!

3 thoughts on “Extra: Regular Folks Edition”

  1. Ha! Yeah. I figure I’ll use them mainly to jazz up the “Me talking in front of a plain background” cartoons. And maybe some shit with the sky.

  2. yeah those gradients are an irriedescent beauty
    im unfamiliar with this show
    but the concept is understandable

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