Hey New York!

Mocca squareI’m going to be getting all up in your city this weekend. I’ll be sharing a last-minute table at MoCCA with Mikhaela, Masheka, and Ayo. Keith Knight will also be there, so if you can’t make it to DC, this is your only chance to see us in the next two weeks. Don’t miss out!

And while I’ve got your attention dear New Yorkers, go to this Planned Parenthood event at Think Coffee with Mikhaela, Jessica Valenti, and Amber Madison tomorrow night.

Oh, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Yankees are now back to 10 games behind in a post directed at your fair metropolis. But fear not. A trip out west for the Red Sox could cut their lead all the way down to a piddling 7.

2 thoughts on “Hey New York!”

  1. Damn it Brian,you need to give me more of a heads-up for these things; especially during an paricularly sucky Yankees road trip. Every week the prospect of making the playoffs looks dimmer and dimmmer, and frankly it’s draining my “life force”, provided such a ridiculous notion exists. Congrats on outraging that Times guy. It’s good to see there are still old men applying literal meaning to cartoon strips. Gives me hope for the future; once they’re dead of course.

  2. I only just found out I was going Thursday morning. Rest assured that any future New York events will be promoted heavily and far in advance.

    Don’t lose your life force yet. As I was constantly reminded by commercials on 1010 WINS during the last two of my 7 hour (!) drive from Boston to Brooklyn, the ’78 Yankees were down by much more.

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