I’ve Offended Some Guy!

I was going to wait until my return from MoCCA to post this, but I can’t sleep without sharing this with you. Matt, who’s no stranger to the comedic virtues of violence himself, alerted me to this post on some Time blog. AAN has a brief, yet somehow longer than the post its about, write-up as well.

I could go on and on about how I’m far more qualified to know what’s funny than that guy. (I own Comedy By the Numbers for one!) But it’s not worth it. No matter how right I am, humor is subjective, and some assholes just don’t know when they should be laughing.

As for the sickness of the cartoon, I think all but the dumbest of dummies can realize drawing bad things are not equivalent to actually making them happen in real life. And advocating torture, installing party loyalists at all levels of government, and being a pretty big douche, are all things Gonzales has done that I find far more objectionable than my admittedly violent cartoon. Plus Gonzales’ actions have real, tangible consequences, unlike my cartoons, which are forgotten just minutes after they are read. (I’ll take this back if Pelosi goes on a meat tenderizer rampage after seeing the cartoon.)

Lastly, that guy, let’s call him Cap’n Time, missed the point of the cartoon. It’s all about the Democrats’ ineffectiveness at ousting Gonzales. Hitting him in the head was just a Tom & Jerry punchline. I also wanted to inform my readers that there are two kinds of meat tenderizer, to prevent tragedies like this from happening in real life.

And for the record, Gonzales isn’t murdered, just injured. He gurgles in the last panel. Knowing not to make a diagnosis he’s unqualified for, Cartoon Harry Reid says “I’m pretty sure he’s dead.” not “I’ve seen the video, and he’s definitely not somebody in a persistent living state.”

2 thoughts on “I’ve Offended Some Guy!”

  1. I’m pretty sure you would have gotten more laughs if you’d written a cartoon about blowing up the New York Times or poisoning a liberal Supreme Court Justice. But then, who wants laughs from someone like Cap’n Time, anyway?

  2. You’re absolutely correct. I didn’t read any of Cap’n Time’s other posts, but I get the feeling that’s more in his chuckle-zone.

    His blog is quite funny if you imagine him typing while wearing Cap’n Crunch’s hat.

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