“Especially Our Children”

I’ve offended some other guy who commented over at the Phoenix’s site.

You should be ashamed for putting something as atrocious and hate filled as this into the public arena. And the paper’s leadership should also be ashamed for allowing this to be printed. It’s not a matter of freedom of speech, it is a matter of decency and a moral standard that reflects a love and respect for our country and all of it’s people, especially our children. You need to reassess your attitude and character.

It’s entirely possible this is a parody more dead-on than cartoons by “Kelly;” the “especially our children” line is so hilarious that it makes me think it could be. But I like to think it’s some aging hippie who spends his free time slowing down Cambridge traffic with his recumbent.

I don’t know if they’ve gotten any angry letters about this cartoon, but if you’re glad the papers ran it, please send them a brief email and let them know.

2 thoughts on ““Especially Our Children””

  1. Just have to say that thank the almighty cheesecake that alt-papers are less likely to pull their strip out if it offended people.

    I’ll write to them anyway.

  2. That’s absolutely true Charles. I was just figuring that now is as good as time as any for the weeklies to know that people enjoy seeing my cartoons.

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