It’s So Hot

I hate all of you who don’t live in the northeast. We get a brief window of comfort between months of bone-chilling cold and crotch-stinkifying humidity. In the spirit of hotness, here’s yet another Flight of the Conchords video, from their most recent episode.

Boom/She’s So Hot – Flight of the Conchords

Think I’m hyping them to death? I already lost Arrested Development. If another awesome show dies on my watch, I don’t want to be asking myself if I did all I could to promote it.

Not enough musical comedy for you? Then follow me to some highlights from Hard N’ Phirm.

El Corazón (version dos) – Hard N’ Phirm

Pi – Hard N’ Phirm

4 thoughts on “It’s So Hot”

  1. Quit yer bitchin. one day of bone chilling cold would be welcome around here. I’m convinved that florida, in the midst of a near decade long drought, is the only state that can be at the same time oppressively humid and wild-fire promoting-ly dry at the same time. coupled with the numerous deadly animals(I encountered both a 4-ft rattlesnake and a 4-5ft gator in my neighborhood on the same day) it makes it horrible to go outside. don’t get me wrong, I love that my forearms and shins are a malignant shade of brown, because tan = sexy and farmer’s tan = super-sexy in these parts. I’m just sayin that being a fat man in south florida, i pretty much have the market cornered on ass sweat and unfavorable climatic conditions so i don’t want to hear about it being hot from any snow-shoveling lobsterman.

    pizszz be with you,

  2. All valid points Dave, but do you have to worry about pee-holes freezing to zippers in the wintah? I think not. Case and point. I win!

    More accurately; yes, you win at the uncomfortable heat olympics, but I also dabble in the ass-freezing olympics every year. Ergo, I deserve a prize, or some sort of prize involving gyrating Euro-ladies.

  3. as a result of this post, i am now (involuntarily) picturing brian pulling down his pants, taking a whiff, and remarking, “it’s that damn time of year again.” mmmmm.

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