The Big Fat Sideshow

Many thanks to Masheka for suggesting something in the “half-man” vein. If he didn’t, that panel would’ve been “Miss Stinky: The woman who smells like cabbage no matter how hard she scrubs,” which was just a forced excuse to draw stink lines.

I can’t write much else. I’m busy getting two more comics done so I can go to the AAEC convention without shirking my cartooning duties. Speaking of which, there are two events related to the convention you should check out if you’re in the DC area next week:

Cartoonapalooza – Tuesday, July 3rd 6:30pm – $25 – Ted Rall, Tom Toles, Mike Luckovich, Mike Peters, Rob Rogers, Jack Ohman, Ruben Bolling, Ann Telnaes, Keith Knight, and Mark Fiore will all dazzle you with brilliance and punch you in the chuckle-gut with hilarity.

CWA Slideshow & Signing – Saturday, Jul 7th 2pm – Free! – See the giants of alt-weekly cartooning and the dirtbag who draws “Big Fat Whale.”

Next Week: Campaigning with the Stars*