Big Fat Whale Gets Beached

I still haven’t been to the beach in over five years. Perhaps the tone of this cartoon will explain why. Also, the reference photo I took of myself for the Pasty Panther panel is going to be featured in my soon to be released 2008 calendar: “Twelve Unflattering Months of Brian McFadden.” Of course Mikhaela could make her own daily version of that calendar just from her AAEC convention photos.

Next Week: Your Friend the Wiretapper

8 thoughts on “Big Fat Whale Gets Beached”

  1. Watch out, you wouldn’t believe the offended mail I got when I used the word “pasty” in my immigration cartoon.

    I apologize for consistently capturing you on film in your most unflattering candid moments. Next time I’ll use a fancy setup for the Big Fat Whale Days of McFadden Male Glamour Calendar. It’ll be sorely needed now that the NYC Firefighter Calendar is in its LAST YEAR.

  2. I missed the pasty controversy. Maybe they were confused albinos.

    No need to apologize. It’s not just your photographs. Poor Craig could launch a similar calendar of me giving the thumbs up.

  3. The calendar is just a joke. Unless enough people confess to wanting to purchase such an abomination.

    Never take me seriously. No one else does! (Insert my Rodney Dangerfield impression here.)

  4. Competition eh? Well, I already have 5000 shipped. I will own back to school season. Early bird gets the worm Miss Reid, better luck next time. In fact I could probably do a family decade featuring Brian as lovechild to cue ball Andrew and his various cartons of ciggies. Thumbs up, down, sideways, double Fonz’s, even bleeding!

    Millar…tsk, tsk.

  5. Craig, I forgot about the bloody beer bottle photo. (Don’t worry folks, I didn’t pull a Fatty Arbuckle.) Combined with Mengers’ bike crash, you could probably do a Blood n’ Booze retrospective.

    The Sox’ mini-swoon combined with the Yankees’ insane pace this half is something I’ve been mentally preparing for all year, but it’s still nerve-wracking.

  6. I actually remember seeing fish doing it once.

    Basically, one fish spit out some white stuff then another fish swallowed it.

    Their form of blowjob or something?

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