Harming Baby’s Self-Esteem (For Fun!)


I found this awesome picture while looking for reference photos for this week’s cartoon. I wonder where the little stinker is now. Also, can someone make that bib into a t-shirt for me? My birthday’s coming up, you know.

Obviously I have nothing to write about this week. I’ve got crap that’s piling up higher than crap in a ten-story craphouse. So this is just a brief excursion into procrastinating.

In other news, Flight of the Conchords has been renewed for a second season, or “series” for you silly silly non-Americans. Now you have at least another year of me phoning in mid-week posts with clips from their show.

4 thoughts on “Harming Baby’s Self-Esteem (For Fun!)”

  1. Oh, and if anyone wants to buy that for me, I’m a small.

    I’ve also been officially downgraded from a husky boy to a regular boy. It doesn’t make shopping in the boys’ department any less creepy.

  2. Yeah, I extracted the graphic from the image. I couldn’t find anything on a google search for the shirt.

    Photoshop is amazing these days.

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