Chinese Product Recalls

You wouldn’t believe the lengthy internal debate I had over that last panel. I went back and forth between “stuck to your butt” and “stuck in your butt” dozens of times. In the end (Ha! Get it?), I opted for “to.” It’s slightly less gross and also the more likely outcome in a superglue-butt sex mishap, assuming superglue sets as fast as I think it does.

I’ll probably return to this bit when my chuckle well is running dry.

Next Week: Manly Men of Manliness

4 thoughts on “Chinese Product Recalls”

  1. This was brilliant. Especially “Mother’s Diminutive Spirit Ghost.”
    You are missed.
    That is all.

  2. Jon – Consensus seems to be that I made the right call. The comedy advantages of “to” are now so obvious to me that I’m surprised it was even an issue.

    Rebecca – Thanks. I wasn’t sure anyone would like that joke as much as I did. Also, there’s nothing to miss. I didn’t move to the moon.

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