What Do Manly Men Do for Fun?

I think this is a decent premise, I just half-assed its execution. What do you expect? It’s the end of summer. If congress gets to take the whole month off, I can at least take a week to phone in a shitty cartoon.

Next Week: Back to School Special

3 thoughts on “What Do Manly Men Do for Fun?”

  1. “I embroider misogynistic slogans onto pillows” & the showpiece made me laugh out loud.

    What do manly men do for fun? Well, pardner, they go see Nellie McKay in Paradise and REgina SPEKTor @ The Orpheum in Shocktober, and finally Tegan & Sara @ Berklee in Nomember.

    I can’t wait, can you, dude? Seriously.

  2. Posing for these reference photos proved I don’t make a very convincing douchebag.

    Thanks for all the comments and praise over the holiday weekend thewaymouth. Inflate my ego any further and I just might make the leap to pompous assland.

    I didn’t realize Nellie McKay is going to be in town. Her and the Comedians of Comedy at the Roxy will make for a fun October.

    I’m not so much on the Regina Spektor and Tegan & Sara gravy train these days. But you could be sitting next to my sister at the T&S show.

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