Still Inkin’

I’m being punished for my weekend of procrastinating, but am taking a hand cramp break to share yet another Flight of the Conchords clip with you.

Flight of the Conchords – Foux Da Fa Fa

Drunks in Space

Thankfully NASA revealed the drunken astronaut story hours before I really started working on the cartoon it bumped. I love space. I love those plucky robots we send to distant worlds more than the yawn-fests we’ve got going on in Earth orbit, but I still think manned space flight is pretty cool. The amount of money it wastes is insignificant compared to the excesses of the defense budget.

It’s 2007 and we don’t have whalers on the moon? What kind of future are we living in?

Next Week: Some jokes about the beach.

For the Millionth Time, I’m a Different Douchebag!

Some genius sent this to me via the AAEC site:

I always love U Brian. best support and Succes for your album’s The Iris Son. Waiting for your next from Indonesia

Granted there is a language barrier, but it should be blatantly obvious that we are two different people. Do Michael Jackson fans (Which are probably the same weirdos and Indonesians that like the other Brian McFadden) think he reviews beer in between kiddie-diddles?

While doing some vanity Googling, I came across this Irishy Defamer type thing that does a great job mocking the Evil Brian McFadden. He’s an even bigger douche than I thought.

If this confusion continues, I may have to start using my full name: Brian Thomas Von McFaddenstein.