Me Bein’ Stupid

I’m being punished by the God I don’t believe in for my summer of procrastination. You won’t be seeing much of me on this here blog besides the cartoon updates for a while. To ease the pain you will inevitably be going through, here’s a photo Greg took a few weeks ago at my birthday festivities.

Silly antics brought to you by Carvel, Laphroaig (my new favorite Scotch), and Moose, the evil genius weegie.

7 thoughts on “Me Bein’ Stupid”

  1. Allison – I’m dandy. Well, maybe not dandy, but I’m not doing terribly. I just have less dicking around time than I’d like.

    Michele – That sounds right, but you’ll have to ask my roommate. My only contributions to the kitchenware are some of my parents’ silverware and glasses I drunkenly pocketed from assorted locales.

  2. Rebeckles – My science, which is tight, says weegies only last “4-EVA,” not “4ever.” I can wear a bowtie and tweed jacket to prove my point if need be.

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