Yay Ladies!

Way back when, I got some guff from a feminist or two who didn’t quite get a cartoon I did mocking former Harvard President and known misogynist Larry Summers. That blew over and I haven’t thought about it since. Until I did the Manly Men cartoon. I was mostly concerned about its half-assedness, but I was also worried that it would be interpreted as a celebration of date-rapey behavior instead of a rebuke.

Mikhaela said its point came across crystal clear, and she was right. I haven’t received nary a complaint about that cartoon in the weeks since its release. In fact, it’s been my second most viewed cartoon on the intarwebs since Kansas Classrooms. Odds makers take notice, Ms. Reid (Mrs. Wood? Ms. Reid-Wood? What do we call you now, Ms. Newly-Married-Lady-Person?) has picked both of these cartoons as the best of Big Fat Whale.

And thanks to the comments over at Feministing, I now know more folks are reading my cartoons in the Phoenix besides confused sudoku players. Please tell the editors how you feel in addition to your internet friends! My beer money depends on it!

Oh, and hey! You must like cartoons and equality if you read this far. Mikhaela and Masheka will be making a rare Boston (Actually Cambridge, Central Square, to be precise) appearance next week. Friday the 28th, 7pm, Center for New Words. I’ll be there and so should you.

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