Patchouli Plumbing

The dummies yelling during Patreaus’ dog n’ pony show inspired this cartoon, with an assist from the goofballs on Mass Ave with the “Honk to Impeach” signs. You’d think after forty years these attention whores would realize no one’s listening. Sure the media should’ve reported the vast protests during the run-up to this war, but anyone who thought they would deserves a condescending pat on the head from me.

Matt’s post about 9-11 conspiracy theories says everything I would have.

Tonight: Cambridge, 7pm. You should check out Mikhaela and Masheka’s slideshow in Central Square. If you’re going, why not join me at The Field before the 7pm show and we can all head over as a herd of drunk nerds. RSVP in the comments so I can save a seat for ya.

BFW Behind the Scenes

Here’s some extra content since I’ve been neglecting the blog for a while now.

Some of you might know I take a lot of reference photos of myself for my cartoons. You can click this creepy animated GIF to see what this week’s cartoon would look like if I left the reference photos in there. I had a real plunger, but had to “imaginate” the bucket.

Next Week: I don’t know yet.

5 thoughts on “Patchouli Plumbing”

  1. holy hell, i love those reference photos. please tell me you pose as other characters, too.

    also, this strip is genius.

    chicago has a ton of people standing on the street that share some of my opinions, but the most i can muster is a half smile when they start waving those god damned signs or dishing out “literature”.

    and i’ll never understand why people think good ideas are spread by plopping down at a street corner and setting up a booth. a booth for pete’s sake!

  2. This strip is just damn excellent.

    OK, so Code Pink wants to disrupt shit and everything, but why does that necessitate wearing weird ass clothes and giant old lady hats with a bunch of crazy adornments. They do more harm than good in the “public image of people opposed to stupid wars” department.

  3. I think the combination of photos and line art is even funnier than the line art alone. I’d like to see more like these!

  4. Allison – You have hippies and flies in your bathroom? Gross!

    Clockwork – I usually do, unless it doesn’t require much detail, like the woman at the door. Street corner booths should at least sell hot dogs in addition to handing out pamphlets.

    Matt – Funny, I was going to call out Code Pink specifically in this post. I think Billionaires for Bush and the Freeway Blogger have the right approach for that sort of thing.

    Doctor X – The novelty will wear off, but I’ll post another one in a couple months when I do another reference photo heavy cartoon.

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