Old Red Sox

Don’t fuck this up Red Sox. The last month should’ve been a rout, but I’ll take whats I can gets. So who wants to give (or sell at face value) a grumpy cartoonist a ticket to a game?

Since BFW also runs in the Cleveland Free Times, I hope I get the chance to do something with these two cities for the ALCS.

Linguistic Sidebar: I discovered today that it’s impossible to say Jack-O-Lantern without your latent Boston accent popping up. I say this as someone who had his thick Brockton-borne accent laughed out of him at Hopkins.

2 thoughts on “Phew!”

  1. “Tessy”? With the bagpipes and all I thought it was “Nessy”, you know like a tribute to the Loch Ness Monster. It’s a better song that way, I’m almost disappointed now. And an add from the Chico Beat? Finally taken in by the white supremacists I see. I’ll have to watch my back around here.

  2. You’re thinking of “Beat Chico,” a small racist pamphlet I only did one cartoon for, under the pseudonym “Hank Eagle.” Keep in mind I was very poor at the time, and quite racist.

    I’ll be passing through Jersey on my way back from SPX Sunday the 14th. I’ll stop by, even if I have to endure a Yankees-Angels ALCS.

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