I know I never make a peep about the Sox unless they’re sitting on a comfortable lead. Sue me. This is shaping up to be a very interesting and nerve-wracking September. For the rest of the month, my web browser’s homepage will be set here. At least until things get too dicey and I set it back to my embarrassingly empty Google Calendar.

Go Mariners! (And Detroit!)

Happy Matrimony

I’m off to Lowell for the nuptials of Mikhaela and Masheka. Since they’re both too busy this morning to check my website, here’s a peek at the card I made for cartooning’s power couple.

wedding Small
click for detail

If the universe folds in on itself sometime today, you can safely assume some poor, misguided soul convinced me to dance at the reception.

UPDATE: No universe folding, so obviously there was no McFadden dancing. There were a few fleeting moments of toe-tapping, but for the sake of humanity, I kept it from escalating.