Thanks Again Red Sox!

The novelty of the Red Sox winning twice in my lifetime hasn’t worn off yet. But I’ll restrain myself from doing another cartoon like this should winning become a regular thing for them. I’m still catching up on all the work I shirked during the playoff run, but I can see the end and will soon start work on all sorts of fun stuff.

It’s a good thing they won though. The cartoon I was working on before this ended up being a little too close to a Mr. Show sketch for my liking.

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4 thoughts on “Thanks Again Red Sox!”

  1. Ha! That’s why I did it. Despite their shitty mascot (It’s an old saw, but seriously Cleveland, the old-school “C” would much better reflect your status as a true old-time baseball town. Chief Wahoo belongs on a box of “Injun-O’s.”) I took no joy in their collapse, just relief that the team I happen to root for squeaked out a win.

    If CC and Carmona are used more judiciously in the ’08 regular season, they will be unstoppable in the playoffs. And a certain other team lost the ALCS in tragic fashion only to win the WS the next year.

  2. Frankly you were lucky to catch Cleveland once they started sucking again. You know, when they didn’t bat .500 with RISP against you, and didn’t conjure up certain insect hoards. Good job Red Sox for being the only team that didn’t suck during the playoffs. And good God, what a f’job of a postseason so far. And really you should get A-rod it makes all the sense in the world, and I don’t say that because I wish your team to fall into some hidden bottomless pit. He’s an awesome player(leech of a human being though), who just happened to suck for the Yankees in the playoffs. You’d have to be stupid to think Lowell’s gonna pull a Luis Gonzales and start playing good now that he’s old. I believe in mean reversion. And really the Yankees should be fine even without Arod as long as Pettite comes back, we keep our good young players(Melky, Cano, Hughes, Chamberlin, Kennedy), and using a large package of second tier prospects, get Johan. F’ing Santana, he can roll man.

  3. All valid points Craig, but are you implying Yankee pitching had nothing to do with Cleveland beating them? And quit boo-hooing about the bugs. As I understand it, the Indians played that game under the same conditions.

    I agree that the Sox resigning Lowell isn’t a prudent move. As much goodwill as he and Schilling have around here, they are old. (In baseball years.) I don’t consider normal folks to be gross and old until their fifties.

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