Writers’ Guild Strike

It’s gonna suck for me, an avid TV and movie junkie, but I wholeheartedly support them. They’re rarely celebrated and poorly compensated, but without them, all we’d have to watch is reality television and shitty YouTube videos. They’re just asking for a tiny fraction of the DVD and internet profits made from the shows and movies that they created. Like almost all giant corporations, the studios are being greedy dicks.

One day I hope to break out of this alt-comix slum and get a real job in television, or whatever internet-TV hybrid develops in the next couple years. I’d like that job to actually pay enough for me to do bona fide adult things, like buy a house or develop a bitchin’ coke habit.

It’s a shame that most of the other American unions have been fragmented to the point that the impact of their strikes are almost negligible. I firmly believe everyone who performs a certain trade should participate in one single union. With only a handful of corporations dominating the market, a unified labor force is the only thing that can keep them in check.

Blah, blah, blah. I bet half of you dummies think I sound like Karl Marx. Well laugh it up dummy. Laugh it up all the way to your 60 hour work week.

Not that anyone offered, but I won’t scab and sell my fart jokes to any show. Please, oh please, someone on a show take note of my un-dickishness and read my specs once this shiz comes to an end.

2 thoughts on “Writers’ Guild Strike”

  1. I was wondering what you thought. I’m prepared for the usual assault from high-paid pundits calling them whiners.

    I read an AP article on it over the weekend that featured not a quote from a writer, striker, or Union official, but two condescending quotes on unions.

  2. I’m not exactly in the loop, but from what I’ve read the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) could be striking come June. I think they should join this strike now and increase their bargaining power.

    And all of the entertainment trades skew heavily towards the studios. The writers took DVD residuals off the table Sunday night, but the studios called off negotiations.

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