Street Sweeping Synchronicity

The way November is lined up on the calendar, the first Wednesday and second Thursday of the month occurred in the same week. This means both sides of my street get sweeped in the same week, followed by an off week. I’m currently building a street sweeping orrery to calculate when this will happen again.

Sorry for wasting your time with this nonsense. If you have more time to waste, why not have a gay guy waste it for you in a video by Bob Odenkirk:

4 thoughts on “Street Sweeping Synchronicity”

  1. Dude, you must live on my street, because I got nailed by that too. Moved my car Tuesday, forgot to do it again Wednesday. $50 down the hole.

    On the bright side it won’t happen again, because Thanksgiving is a holiday. Of course that probably means that they’ll sweep on FRIDAY or something unpredictable like that.

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