6 thoughts on “Television Without Writers”

  1. I am hoping that was a Man vs. Beast reference. I really hope they make another one, it’s not like fox has anything better to shoot right now.

  2. what i want to know is,


    i would actually watch OJ’s (or multiple celebs) various BMs actually responding to interview questions.

    call me crazy….

  3. Gabe – I forgot about that show. It was actually a reference to Man vs. Wild, an inferior version of Survivorman.

    Michele – That show might actually get some ratings considering all the hoopla over Sen. Craig.

    Allison – Sentient celebrity poo? You so crazy.

  4. Thanks Masheka! It still pales in comparison to the “Babies With Too Much Responsibility” bit from Conan. Oh how I miss Conan. Damn this infernal strike!

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