Gobble Gobble

Turkey Fuck

I’m busy trying to free up the rest of the week to consume bird parts and liters of gravy. In my absence, please enjoy this cartoon I drew for the website I had in college, before Big Fat Whale was even a glimmer in my fucked-up mind.

9 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble”

  1. I cannot believe you have sullied the noble tradition of the Thanksgiving hand turkey (do not laugh at that. Hand turkey does not sound like a sex act.) Dirty kids. For shame, McFadden. For shame.

  2. Melissa – I deleted your first chopped up comment because I am a neat freak even on my website.

    A reminder to all who love bastardized hand turkeys: Buy my first book! There’s eight more of ’em in there!

  3. once again, I’d really like to see some of the other legendary McFadden work, ie. bluejay crapping in tony’s mouth…grrrreat!

    keeping an eye peeled for this item and others like it to come up at auction……

  4. that’s ok I wanted to delete it myself!

    whazzat blue jay about? are you scooping its poop? I mean I knew about the cat, but I didn’t know that you’re also a blue jay pooper scooper…

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