Bender’s Back, Baby!

I haven’t seen any commercials for this, but then again, thanks to the strike, I haven’t been watching much TV. Just thought some of you would like to know the first of four feature length Futurama DVDs is out now.

I’ve already watched it and they haven’t missed a beat. There are two or three musical bits that fall flat, but over 80 minutes awesomeness and The Chanukah Zombie more than make up for it.

Since most of your favorite shows are on indefinite hiatus, this could be the perfect solution for the strike comedy doldrums. Buy it from this link, and I get a couple bucks. Or don’t. You don’t owe me. It’s not like I give you free cartoons or anything.

2 thoughts on “Bender’s Back, Baby!”

  1. Sweet blinkin’ Jesus!! I’ve got to see this DVD. Futurama is much better than Family Guy and The Simpsons (at least recent seasons).

    By the way, you were right about Battlestar Galactica: Razor. It was alright but I can’t wait for the new season.

  2. Yeah, Razor was methadone to the heroin that is regular season Battlestar.

    Watching the Futurama movie really illustrates how far The Simpsons has sunk. (I liked The Simpsons Movie, but Jiminy Christmas!, this season sucks sweaty ass-hairs.)

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