The Mouthless Wonder

This happened because I watched La Vie En Rose and The Elephant Man in the same week. However, the basic arc of the cartoon could apply to almost any biopic.

While I was drawing this, I began to recall a disturbing made-for-TV movie I saw (or dreamt up) as a kid. It was about a nurse who was in a car accident, or maybe a fire, and she ended up with her mouth being fused shut, or at least horribly contorted. A gold star to anyone who can dig up a clip on YouTube.

Next Week: I don’t know yet.

6 thoughts on “The Mouthless Wonder”

  1. Maybe it was that Star Trek episode (original Star Trek from the 60s) in which one of the nurses is transformed by some being with strange powers so that she has no mouth.

    Or, maybe not.

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