5 thoughts on “Not Seen on TV: Xmas Gift Edition”

  1. If liquid bacon came in a tube, I would buy it by the case. Also, I’m pretty sure tylenol is available in suppository form, granted, “ass-in” not “ass-on” but still anatomically close proximity wise.

  2. Brian, you have posted before how you take pictures of yourself to do some of the panels. How embarrassing was the “Ass-On” photo to take?

  3. Gabe – Ass tylenol? Nasty. Just in case folks don’t watch as much cable news as me, this is what it’s mocking. Also, I mailed your stuff out this afternoon.

    Jon – I made sure to shut the blinds, but I’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. My keister is quite lovely.

  4. If I remember correctly, the last installment of this delivered a few marketable products. This continues the trend!

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