Call Me “Dapper”

I grew up in the Boston ‘burbs and will hopefully be excused for not knowing who the heck Dapper O’Neil was until he kicked the bucket today. But Christ! What a nickname! I call dibs on it for the rest of the 21st century.

Brian “Dapper” McFadden
AKA: McFadden, Little Brian, Shitty McGee, Who Invited That Asshole?, Bowel Movement (BM)

4 thoughts on “Call Me “Dapper””

  1. but…I feel very conflicted about calling you “Dapper” if the nickname is derived from a social conservative…

    …but I’m also never going to call you by a scatological nickname such as “Shitty McGee” or “Bowel Movement”…hmmmm

  2. If it makes you feel any better, he got the nickname from working at the men’s department somewhere, not ’cause he was a racist douche. However, as you well know, “Scruffy” is a far more appropriate nickname for me than “Dapper.”

    Rest assured, the scatological ones were just jokes.

    But “Little Brian,” and “McFadden” aren’t much better.

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