5 thoughts on “2008 Headline Wishlist”

  1. This reminds me, has anyone outside Jersey heard of Taylor Ham? I grew up eating this stuff – it rivals bacon as the breakfast pork side dish of choice. For seriously.

  2. i love how the bacon bacon burger chef uses light ranch. I just wanted to let that person know i’ll take reeeeeal good care of them after their quadruple bypass….I’ll be seein’ ya!!

    the thought of never again hearing rachel ray’s gravelly voice does make me a wee happy. thanks, i needed a laugh tonight, for sure.

    happy new yeah, deah.

  3. Allison – I didn’t notice that. And if he uses multi-grain buns, that would make it super-healthy, right? Happy new year to yous guys.

    Kevin – You’re too nice. Also, wishing has been scientifically proven to be as effective as hoping and praying.

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