Somerville Mystery Object

Mystery Object

At 12:36 this morning, right as I was settling down to Conan’s second unscripted monologue, a big-ass flatbed truck and a bunch of police cars slowly moved down a blocked off Willow Ave in Somerville.

What was on the flatbed? I’m guessing some sort of giant HVAC device, but it’s dark out. I could read tomorrow or today’s papers, but I’ve got fart jokes to write. Instead, I’m going to pretend it’s a cage containing a reanimated mammoth on its way to Tufts for further study. Will it escape, mauling dozens and teaching all of us a valuable lesson about the hubris of science? Yes, at least in my fevered imagination.

I posted more, yet even crappier camera-phone pics on my Flickr page.

3 thoughts on “Somerville Mystery Object”

  1. Tom Champion, spokesrobot for the city of Somerville, says:

    “Hello, this is Lesley Delaney Hawkins from the City of Somerville with important information about a scheduled overnight NSTAR equipment move through your neighborhood. Beginning at midnight on Thursday, January 3rd NSTAR will be transporting a transformer along Willow Ave and Broadway to Alewife Brook Parkway. Residents can expect a convoy of public safety and utility vehicles with flashing lights moving slowly along the corridor. We expect the move to last approximately six hours. If you have any questions or need additional information please call 311.”

  2. Tom Champion sounds like a porn name.

    doesn’t it?

    the weird thing is, ‘he’ has a livejournal and posts to the davis_square LJ community, speaking in the first person about the (automated) phone calls that he just made to residents, snow emergencies, parking restrictions, etc. etc.

    i can’t decide if this is really cool or really creepy.

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