Attention Red Line Passengers

Late yesterday afternoon I had the misfortune of riding the Red Line when a herd of caroling LaRouchies boarded my car at Park Street. Apparently they’ve been stuck on the MBTA since the ’04 Democratic Convention. If they were allowed to surface in the past four years, surely these painfully annoying college kids would’ve jumped on the Ron Paul Delusion Choo-Choo to Crazy Town.

While I almost injured myself in a complicated eye-rolling maneuver, I can take some small comfort in the genuinely hurt look on one dumb co-ed’s face when I refused to take her pamphlet (AKA: Garbage that no one wants).

And to everyone who just takes pamphlets because they’re handed to you: Stop it! You know you’re not going to read it. Who you foolin’?

3 thoughts on “Attention Red Line Passengers”

  1. But what if I get trapped in the deep forest with nothing to wipe my ass with?

    LaRouchies are like Moonies, strange cultists that seem to belong to another time, who are easily forgotten until they turn up to embarrass, respectively, Democrats and Republicans. Not that either party needs any help….

  2. Kevin – I wish LaRouchies stayed in the deep forest instead of venturing into the partially civilized wilderness of Bostontowne. If you are in desperate need of bum wiping material, I suggest grass thatch. In lengths long enough to maintain cleanliness. (obviously)

    Matt – I forgot about your story, but I didn’t engage them. I just rolled my eyes and made “Can you get a load of these people?” faces to my fellow LaRouche hostages. Also, I have joined you as a member of “Cartoonists with Bearditude.”

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