If You Care, Here’s My Opinion

I hate when random strangers shit their opinions out of their mouths and into our eyes and ears as much as (and probably more than) you do. However, you are willfully reading my little slice of the web; unless you’re reading the slightly larger slice used by CWA. If that’s the case, sorry. But really, if you didn’t want my political opinions repeatedly slapped on your chin, perhaps you shouldn’t participate in the glory hole that is the CWA Group Blog, a resource I endorse much more than glory holes. (By the by, I am only against current glory holes. Once we perfect robo-glory-holes, you pervs can go nuts.)

Anyway, tonight’s Democratic debate was rather promising. Edwards is still far and away my favorite, but the other two seemed far more substantive tonight than they have been previously. Call me an elitist, but I think the limited participation played a role. Without the fringe candidates, all of the real candidates were able to state their case.

The Republican field however; HOLY SHIT! Whatta buncha fucks! Thanks Michigan for voting for Mista Mitt. Professor Jesus and Saint McCain will have to continue their crazy parade for a little bit longer.