Fun Football Facts

Just because I made a cartoon about football, it doesn’t mean I like talking about it. I’ll watch a couple of the Patriots’ regular season games here and there, and their playoff games, but if there’s a good documentary about bumblebees on, I’m watching that instead.

How long until pitchers and catchers report anyway? The temps are in the teens and I am oh, so cold.

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7 thoughts on “Fun Football Facts”

  1. ooh, brian. one of my favorites.

    not bad for a fanatic of that “pitching and catching” game.

    when i was in 5th grade my number one goal was to be in the scripps howard national spelling bee. you know what word i missed in the city-wide spelling bee? (yeah, i only made it city-wide) AGATE. i misspelled agate when i was 11 years old in front of “the city.” i spelled it: aggot.

  2. also, i think i’m about to vomit a whole bunch of undigested politics.

    look! there’s the corn!

    i’m understanding more and more why it’s easier to watch sports….

  3. Allison – Nothing to be ashamed about. I was eliminated from my elementary school’s geography bee. I forget the circumstances, but I’m sure it played a role in my shift towards math and science.

    Also, undigested politics are going to make quite the mess over the next few months.

    Matt – To give credit where credit is due, one of those joke owes more to Date-Rape than football.

    PS – Rape is only funny in rape-whistle or date-rapey form.

    PPS – Uh, go Pats? I’m more excited that I’ll be making edible googly eyes for a Super Bowl party.

  4. Googly eyes made edible?!?! What sorcery is this? I demand pictures and a detailed recipe. Perhaps you could write your own cookbook, or just make another book of comics but give it a misleading name so fatties trying to slim down after eating their way through a biggest loser marathon accidentally order it off, I’m thinking something along the lines of: “The artist formerly known as the Big Fat Whale cooks” Then again, with a title like that you might need to get a sex change first.

  5. Gabe- Here’s the recipe. We couldn’t find the gelatin caps, but the results were still pretty cool.

    I’m seriously taking your title idea into consideration. “Erotic Scrimshaw” sells pretty well on a similar principle.

    Blake – Thanks!

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