Question Time

Siobhan from the UK asks:

is this really brian mcfadden…?

cuz if it is… i pure love u hi

nehooooo wb if it is…… pleasseee write backk



Yes and no. I really am Brian McFadden. But probably not the one you’re thinking of.

Confidential to Jörg from Saxony/Germany: No

5 thoughts on “Question Time”

  1. crazed female fans will be chasing you around Somerville when you leave the house to mail out original art.

    you can hire me to protect you if you like.

  2. Abell – Comics groupies must have a thing for ink stains and hemorrhoids.

    Matthew – I guess the Irish are as crazy about McNuggets as they are for potatoes.

    Melissa – You’re hired! A weekly stipend of Ferro Rochers is all I can offer though.

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