I Support Barack Obama

Just so you know. Hillary’s capable, but a lot of Democratic and Independent voters I know have tuned out because of the stupid shit her campaign has pulled.

As for experience, really? I’ve got a nutty turd that can do more to improve our foreign policy than our most tenured senator. Politicking is not rocket science. There’s a reason why poli-sci is a major for stoners and deadbeats.

Obama ’08! or anyone but McCain. Whatevs!

7 thoughts on “I Support Barack Obama”

  1. Allison, I don’t really talk like that.

    Kevin, you’re right on about his die-hard supporters. Very cultish. My neighborhood is very thick with Obama zealots.

  2. Kevin cracked me up….

    but seriously, that’s part of what I find so appealing about him as a candidate…isn’t that a HUGE part of being a politician, anyway? I would LOVE to have a more convincing figure leading our country so that we can gain more confidence in ourselves AND internationally…

  3. what stupid shit? Obama that sounds like Osama is the dirty pool player with his hype, BS talk, and people fallin for it. He is straight Con.. Mannnnn…..

  4. Plus the funny thing about the experience argument is that the president doesn’t handle everything himself, and he’s got a full cabinet of advisors uhhhhhh?

    Plus Obama and his big black caucus are all sorts of charming

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