Westminster Democratic Candidate Show

Before any dingbats start scribbling angry emails to send my way, let me point out the obvious: I’m not calling Hillary a bitch. Tim Russert is. He is a giant-headed moron. However, I by no means think the word bitch is off-limits. It is just the feminine version of dick, a word I use with much greater frequency. If you prefer the language of the Osmonds, how the fuck did you end up reading my comic strip?

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3 thoughts on “Westminster Democratic Candidate Show”

  1. I was not aware that novelty fonts could write angry letters. I should perhaps be more wary the next time I open Microsoft Word….

  2. Kevin – I’ve got no quarrel with the Osmonds, just the people who actually find them entertaining.

    William – I see what you did there! Comedy in action.

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