Brian on the Aisle

After watching them twice, I still can’t decide which was the best movie of 2007. I have no qualms about No Country for Old Men winning Best Picture. But There Will Be Blood was equally awesome, and much less reliant on multiple performances. I can’t decide if that’s a plus or a minus. No Country‘s last half hour was its weakest and Blood‘s was its finest, so that could be skewing my perceptions of the films.

Anyway, this is my roundabout way of apologizing to everyone near and dear to me for my talking like Daniel Plainview for the past two months. (FYI: I give the “I am the third revelation!” speech after every fruitful bowel movement.)

One thought on “Brian on the Aisle”

  1. There Will Be Blood was my favorite. I wish Plainview would try to tear down Juno like he did Eli. She’d give him an earful of witty teen-speak comebacks.

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