Budget Spring Break Getaways

Some jokes about spring break. I’ve been complaining about the weather a lot this winter. That means it’s either been relentlessly cold all winter long or I’m becoming an old fart. My vote’s in the “old fart” column.

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3 thoughts on “Budget Spring Break Getaways”

  1. at first glance, the guy in the safety school frame appears to be pants-less.

    i am at work, though. most people here are wearing no pants.

  2. You caught me being lazy Al. In B&W, I don’t fill in fleshtones, so pants are lighter. When I filled in stuff for the color version, I half-assed it, making the guy look pseudo-nude.

    Since you brought it up, shouldn’t Jesus-freak fundamentalists be up in arms that hospitals allow such lax, ass-revealing clothing that could fit right in at a roadside strip club?

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