11 thoughts on “Excuses for Not Updating This Website on Time”

  1. heheheheheh Lincoln balls!!!???

    I love that it’s OBVIOUSLY Guinness causing the narcolepsy…

    couldn’t you blame it on yer cat, too?

  2. Jackson – Hopefully I won’t bring you to the brink ever again.

    Melissa – He definitely causes some delays, with his bookshelf destroying hissy fits.

    Charles – Good memory. I changed the eye up a bit, but that’s definitely an homage to Kevin the molesting squid.

    Kevin – Perhaps it’s the t-shirt design that could keep me from selling a kidney.

    Blake – May you be thwarted by an orchestra of rape whistles.

  3. I ain’t feelin clever so I’m just gonna say I almost pissed myself. I’m not sure if it was the strip or all the ads for big fat women and jokes. It was like some reincarnation of the things you mock in one most excellent heap of unity.

    ed-Brian Mcfadden aka Big Fat Whale does not make fun of fat women nor has he ever done such a spiteful thing as that. You go to ACLU Hell for considering such a thing.

  4. Brian not only do you sing the most soulful Irish ballads but you have the best responses. That one’s going on my Facebook quotes section.

  5. the brief two lines of exchange between you and jackson is the most brilliant bit i have read in a while.

    challenged closely in awsomeness by the brief, three line exchange between you and blake.

    this is why i love this site.

  6. I’ll take a “BFW quickie” over most cartoonists any day.

    Also, looks like I can get a BBW quickie by clicking on the convenient ad at the top of the comments.

    This website has filled all of my needs for the day!

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