Early Season Baseball Post

I will try my hardest not to litter the comic strip and this website with baseball talk and my increasingly obnoxious Red Sox fandom this year. But sometimes I or my unfortunate Yankee fan pal Craig would like to gloat or vent, so I plan on posting a baseball thread every month or so.

I’m not posting much this time, since I’ll post again in two weeks after I attend a game May 2nd. (I entered a lottery and won the chance to pay $30 for standing room only seats to see the Devil Rays! I’m dumber than a Bear Sterns investor.) It’s still too early to come to any conclusions, but I’ll just say Jon Lester is garbage. Oh! One more thing: Is it racist of me to suggest that Dustin Pedroia shouldn’t have his own brand of salsa?

5 thoughts on “Early Season Baseball Post”

  1. Yes, a team batting .240 w/RISP is very unfortunate. And racist? After entering Pedroias name into one of those genealogy search engines and finding no matches, I can only conclude thats he’s an imposter. Due to his talent he’s most likely of spanish origin, and his Ecksteinian hustle, and poor hygiene merely a ploy to endear himself to the fenway fans. Analogous to Arod frosting his 1/4″ bangs.

  2. The past week has been tough for Boston baseball. Hopefully I didn’t pay sixty plus bucks to have the Rays nee Devil Rays bum me out on Friday.

    Wii Mario Kart is out and I won’t be able to play it for a long-ass time. Boo! Why’d I even become a deadbeat?

  3. Damn, man. Why didn’t you shoot me a line? Shannon could probably have hooked you up. You might have had to pay a bit but you’d get a seat. On the other hand, my dad will be at the game in one of the legends suites. If you can find him he can pass you booze and lobster under the door…….

  4. Shee-it! I just assumed the Red Sox hogged all the tickets.

    They’re up here again in June and September. If those are gobbled up already, I’ll definitely come a-mooching when the 2009 schedule is announced. A trip down there in April ’09 is definitely in order. Assuming planes still fly after the coming Apocalypse.

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