Down and Out in Mesopotamia

I’ve only watched one episode of “Rock of Love”. Really. For those who’ve been fortunate enough to miss it, it’s a horrifying train wreck strewn with the carcasses of shamelessness and delusion. Sadly, in the past year, it’s been easier to find nasty skanks vie for the attentions of a hairplugged douchebag than news from Iraq on our teevees.

I’d link to all sorts of polls and shit, but you’re reading my dirty little comic strip. Chances are you’d rather be rickrolled than click on any learnin’ links I put here. But you’ll probably click on the link to the story about how that woman’s ass fused to the toilet seat.

Next Week: Journal of Obscure Medical Conditions

3 thoughts on “Down and Out in Mesopotamia”

  1. I said this at Matt’s blog, and I’ll say it here, consarnnit. A) this cartoon is many times funny. B) Brett Whatsishoozy making out with desperate women makes me ill.

  2. Matt – I wanna see a version of these shows with wall-to-wall New Jersey Guidos and Guidettes.

    Kevin – I’d be more ill if he were making out with women who respect themselves.

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