Journal of Obscure Medical Conditions

Dick and shit jokes, yet somehow I have the nerve to mock “Family Guy.” I’m one elitist douchebag all right.

From the Mailbag:

Regarding this week’s cartoon, Dudley informs me:

RE: Constant Sarcasm Disorder

I seem to remember this disorder from an old Kids in the Hall sketch (I guess that means I have Humour Blindness [we include the extra letter in Australia]).


And my reply:


Drat! As I was writing it, I was so convinced I was ripping of the Mr. Show sketch “sarcastic letter writer” that when I checked my DVD, I didn’t even think I was ripping off Kids in the Hall.

Since you remembered it, you certainly don’t have Humor Blindness. (I leave the superfluous ‘u’ out because I love America, eagles, and freedom fries.) You have what’s known as acute Humor Sensitivity.

Thanks for the heads-up,

PS: I hear you’ve got a great big rock down there.

Unlike Dane Cook, I do my best to avoid using material that I’ve heard somewhere else. I don’t remember the sketch, so it may also be a case of convergent thinking. But I’ve consumed tons of comedy over the years and this could have easily slipped through. Also the fact that I don’t own the Kids’ DVDs might have helped.

Next Week: Kids Say the Most Pragmatic Things: Vol. III

8 thoughts on “Journal of Obscure Medical Conditions”

  1. i (we all) know various people with these disorders. poor guy with the anal pooping….it’s metastasized to the mouth.

  2. Oh, dammit. I suffer from anal pooping, RLS, CSD, and mild humor blindness. I enjoy Family Guy half the time. I like to think my enjoyment of Big Fat Whale, hatred for Dane Cook, “Carlos Mencia” the Blue Collar Comedy Tour make up for it.

  3. Allison – Yum!

    Blake – I’ve softened on Family Guy recently and hold you no ill will for your tastes. There’s a difference between humorous and hilarious. Puns might be humorous, but they are never hilarious. Same goes for anything Seth MacFarlane touches.

    Other Brian – Was watching that some kind of self-inflicted torture? And thanks for the link. Man, Dave Foley got old an fat. Still funny though. I’ve rejiggered the site to display my full name, now only causing confusion between me and that Irish pop music douche.

  4. Dane Cook’s mildly amusing, but yeah, plagiarism isn’t the greatest.

    Blue Harvest was amazing, and Family Guy in general seems to be hit and miss, although I do prefer it to, say, the Simpsons.

    I thought I had something productive to say, but I guess not…

  5. One of the best updates I’ve seen of ANY webcomic in a long time. Simply amazing.

  6. Brian – That’s a shame. Everyone knows Real Sex is the best thing to catch while surfing under the influence.

    John – Yeah, The Simpsons has been shit for a while now.

    Jackson – That sounds mean when read in a sarcastic voice.

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