This Week in Innocuous Celebrity Body Parts

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Remember when everyone flipped their shit over Miley Cyrus’ shoulder? Real news outlets covered that hubbub instead of actual newsworthy events. Not much else to say about this one, except that I had to do some research about the tween idols. My original Saved By the Bell references just wouldn’t fly.

Next Week: Another Summer Blockbuster

6 thoughts on “This Week in Innocuous Celebrity Body Parts”

  1. Rock on with the negative Robin Williams lines… he hasn’t been funny (or original) since the middle of his Mork days (maybe his first HBO special or Comic Relief – funny but not original). Despite that, I do admire much (or at least a fair amount) of his serious acting. Garp was great… Dead Poet’s, Good Will, The Fisher King — all brilliant. Oh, and he was also funny in Shakes the Clown.

  2. I completely agree with you Mr. Wisdumb. When he’s not trying to be funny or schmaltzy, he’s usually pretty good.

    But then he goes on TV promoting the good stuff, with all sorts of hacky “improv,” ruining any goodwill (pun definitely not intended.) I had towards him.

  3. On a completely unrelated note, what kind of content are you putting on your website to attract banner advertisers like “”? How low does the self esteem of a gay man have to be when he starts cruising that site to score, or is “chubby” a euphemism for something in the gay community I could die much happier not knowing about?

    anyway, keep up the good work.

  4. Gabe – I’m sure it’s just the title of the comic, it’s on every page and even in the domain. Straight BBW sites also show up quite a bit. I think it takes a day or two after I post a page for Google to dig deeper into it and serve up more relevant ads.

    I just saw a Raven Symone ringtone ad on this comic’s page.

    Speaking of ringtones: Don’t be fooled by the ads. The Brian McFadden ringtones are for the Irish lame-o. If there’s a demand for real Brian McFadden ringtones, I’ll record “Pick up tha phone ya retahd!” and make the mp3 available on this site.

    Lastly, awesome avatar! I was beaming like a retard when I saw the Indy trailer this week.

  5. Allison – I’m glad I was subjugated to that evil Massachusetts (AKA: Taxachusetts/Ted Kennedy Fuck-achusetts/The place where John Adams bored a nation via HBO-achusetts) public sex education.

    Otherwise I wouldn’t have known how to draw the uterus to scale, which would make the joke not nearly as funny. I also wouldn’t have learned some shit about babies and the clap.

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