This Summer, Prepare to Get Fancy

The Adventures of Captain Dandy and Kid Fop

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I like many summer blockbusters. But it sucks that all the good, thought-provoking movies come out in a two-week span in December. Spread that shit out Hollywood! There Will Be Blood totally could’ve been last year’s Iron Man.

Speaking of elitists, the “Barack Obama is an elitist!” trope still makes the rounds, despite the fact that he has finally become the presumptive nominee. I don’t know why I’m trying to shoehorn political commentary into a cartoon that mocks silly summer blockbusters, but I suppose there is a connection. A very thin one.

There’s all this complaining about elitists, but they’re not much of a threat. So what if elitists think you’re a crushing bore? It’s a free country. Not everyone has to think your bowling skills and Big Mouth Billy Bass are particularly interesting. I’m not an elitist apologist though. David Brooks is a prominent elitist and I think he’s a thin-lipped piece of shit.

I’ve been saying this for years, but once more with gusto: Dandies and Fops will become the new hipster meme. Robots and Zombies have been in Squaresville for years now and that steampunk shit has got to be winding down by now.

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