Another No Hitter!

I was working on this week’s cartoon when Jon (Sorry I called you garbage in another post.) Lester threw tonight’s no-hitter. Last September 1st, I was working on another cartoon when Clay Buchholz threw his.

Obviously, Red Sox starters should coordinate their rotation with my cartooning schedule. Maybe I have to get a cartoon done on time if they’re ever gonna have a perfect game.

4 thoughts on “Another No Hitter!”

  1. I will translate for the UK and non-sports crowd:

    It’s like Benny Hill going an entire show without a bird’s clothes inexplicably flying off.

    It’s like a fat man walking all the way to his hedgerow wearing a bumbag that doesn’t contain any crisps or biscuits.

    It’s like spelunking a cave without using a torch.

    And on, and on. Maybe something about shrimp on the barbie just to take the piss out of you.

  2. Another kid for the Pacific Northwest winning for some other team…

    Meanwhile, the Mariners have actually put two wins together to form a winning streak. Not long until management decides to put a stop to this and trade the entire farm system to Boston for Julio Lugo and a plate of baked beans…

  3. I wouldn’t wish Lugo on any team except the Yankees.

    I’m sick of seeing the Angels in the playoffs. Seattle needs to get its shit together. Next week’s series is going to fuck with my sleep something awful.

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