Ineffective Public Service Announcements

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I got the idea to do fake PSAs from Abell’s cartoon last week. I wasn’t going to cover the pharmaceutical angle like he did, but after doing some YouTube research, I couldn’t help using those adorable singing pills.

Next Week: 22 Cent Book Bin

Below are clips of the PSAs that inspired this cartoon.

Time for Timer – Eat Breakfast

We’re Not Candy

Mr. Yuk

Seymore Smoke

MA Stroke PSA

That last one isn’t directly parodied, but I used a similar clipboard for the pregnancy panel. It airs a lot in Massachusetts, and print versions are all over the T. I think it’s hilarious.

4 thoughts on “Ineffective Public Service Announcements”

  1. Time for Timer has a soft spot for me because it was done by DePatie-Freleng, co-run by “Looney Tunes” vetern Friz Freleng. I used to run a website devoted to the studio (it’s still online), and how I would desperately try to track down the studio’s hard-to-find cartoons, to the point that I had to resort to purchasing original theatrical film prints. Which was kind of a waste of time and money, because few months later, Cartoon Network started airing these on TV out of a sudden…

  2. Matt, Kevin – Combine the two and you’ve got a fetish that makes furries seem slightly less gross.

    Charles – You are an infinite source of cartoon knowledge.

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