The Gassy Guys

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Oh boy! Gas prices sure are high. I’m so insightful. Next week I’m going to do a cartoon about the poor quality of airline service, and the week after will feature a hilarious look at the differences between white and black people. However shitty you may find this cartoon, it’s still better than The Love Guru.

If you can’t get enough gassy humor, Jen has some jokes for you, and Ruben does too.

Next Week: 7 Steps to a Cooler You

9 thoughts on “The Gassy Guys”

  1. Did you know that men always want sex and women won’t put out? Do a comic on that! The word must be spread!

    But seriously, this cartoon is miles funnier than your usual “gas iz high” cartoon commentary.

    However, if you start drawing pearly gates, Matt Bors will chop off your head.

  2. Jen – I’m not that grim about Smart Cars. I’ve seen quite a few of them on the Boston highways. I stare at them and envy their parallel parking potential the way I imagine a balding man gawks at my curly brown locks. (I just busted a rhyme.)

    Kevin – You go girl! Women are all “My FEELINGS!” and guys are all “My COCK” and then something about holding the purse at Macy’s. I’m also totally going to do a cartoon with the sole intent of pissing Matt off at some point. Mebbe when Cheney’s contract with the Devil runs out.

    Jackson – Tell the editors! No one believes me when I say how awesome I am.

  3. I found the lions bit hilarious.

    Now, not to spoil the fun, but I’m pretty sure it’s “hare-brained” and not “hair-brained,” yes?

  4. Jen – I get your drift! Now we just have to wait for the American people to shrink enough to fit in them.

    John – Either. Yours may be more correct, but I only fix something if it’s absolutely 100% fucked up.

  5. “Yours may be more correct, but I only fix something if it’s absolutely 100% fucked up.”

    Damn. How perfectly reasonably.

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