Perfect for Your Summer Wedding!

I found this via Scuffletown. I’m no expert at such things, but I think any event that hires a Chris Thrash programmed Rockafire Explosion as its band, is an event that I wouldn’t mind attending.

I considered not posting this video because it could cause furries to masturbate all over my blog. But that’s a risk I’m willing to take to share this with you.

I grew up in solid Chuck E. Cheese territory and have no nostalgia for this Showbiz Pizza Place shithole. In fact, I think back in the eighties, Showbiz and Chuck E were just like West and East Coast rap rivalries.

EDIT: I just wanted to add than I can watch a gorilla play the piano forever. Give me that instead of a fireplace, and you just sold yourself a house!

2 thoughts on “Perfect for Your Summer Wedding!”

  1. These puppets rule.

    When I think of “making love” the first thing I think of is the floor or bathroom of a dance club–a very intimate setting.

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