That Hurts, Bathroom Buddy

Brocton Sucks Ass

I spotted this while urinating at the impeccable Brockton Fair toilets during a demolition derby.

Brockton, even if you spell it incorrectly, doesn’t suck ass. It sucks balls, and that’s it. Maybe I’m ego-centric, but has Easton produced a snarky cartoonist? No?! Of course not. That place is fuckin’ boring. Brockton is where it’s at. Brockton nurtures nerds like you wouldn’t believe. I’d have a real job by now if Brockton really sucked ass.

But seriously folks, only move there if you suck at driving and enjoy being part of the shittiest driving community I ever had the displeasure of driving with. Really. You Brockton peeps suck at cars!

4 thoughts on “That Hurts, Bathroom Buddy”

  1. dear lawdy laaaawwwd I feel like a dumbshit now

    oh well, even if it wasn’t a joke, it made me laugh

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