Monster Scientific Apparatus Rally

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I love these wonderful science toys, but  PHDs need to come up with snappier names. What’s wrong with “Humongous Helical Magnotron?” Van De Graaff-Osaurus would also jazz up the Museum of Science’s Theater of Electricity. Yikes! That website is almost old enough to vote.

While putting stuff together for this cartoon, I came across this hilarious faux Monster Truck Rally commercial:

And while I’m YouTubin’, here’s the Large Hadron Rap you might’ve seen around the nerdosphere:

UPDATE: I was off on the amount of voltage. Van De Graaff generators are capable of producing much higher voltages, and it would take much more than 10,000 volts to zap a creationist. What can I say? I was a mechanical, not an electrical, engineer. Robots are better than breadboards. It’s a FACT!

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2 thoughts on “Monster Scientific Apparatus Rally”

  1. I usually read your new comic pretty religiously Thursday night/Friday morning but I hadn’t checked it out when I stumbled onto it while reading The Pharyngula blog (yes I’m a huge nerd) but didn’t realize it was yours, and thought to myself “This reminds me I should check out this week’s new BFW comic” only to realize THAT WAS this week’s comic. I feel that as a fan I should have recognized your artwork more readily, but in my defense it was shrunk down kind of small on the first page. I hope that link really ups your page views with all the nerds reading it, if I were you I’d put a link to a few of your other science/evolution related comics on that page and maybe score some more regular readers out of it (i.e. The Future of Manned Space Experiments, Spooky Science Theatre, Drunks in Space, Tomorrow’s Technology Today…)

    On a related note the guy who runs the Pharyngula blog, PZ Myers, did Tequila shots with me in a bar at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas this summer. Drinking with minor internet celebrities is awesome! True story.

  2. I didn’t know about Pharyngula until I saw all the hits coming from it yesterday.

    You’re right about the related comics thing. I should do that, but I’m too lazy. One day I’ll get around to having a database and all that jazzy shit for the site.

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